The True Business Impact of IIoT Technology

The True Business Impact of IIoT Technology
Pitfalls and opportunities in IIoT solution technology, at the device level, the manufacturing execution management system layer, and enterprise business systems layer.
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Authored By:

Michael Ford
Aegis Industrial Software


The concept of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), has gained significant momentum in the industry recently, heralding a variety of associated solutions and values. Most of these unfortunately represent little more than desperate marketing stories from legacy providers, or unsubstantiated promises from exploitative startups, triggering significant needless investment in narrowly focused, often bespoke technologies, that ultimately represent unnecessary deployment and ongoing ownership costs.


It is vitally important that the right path towards Smart manufacturing is followed. Technologies should be chosen that represent building blocks towards the ultimate end-goal, each generating benefits along the way.

Initially Published in the SMTA Proceedings


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