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May 18, 2022
Can Solder Mask Be Considered an Insulator?
We had a similar question in regards to clinched leads violating minimum electrical clearance. Our conclusion is that it's not acceptable. ...
Dale Carmine, Reinke

May 16, 2022
Wet-Based vs. Dry-Based Cleaning
Stencil apertures have gotten much smaller to accommodate new passive components such as 01005 and 201 parts which have solder paste pads that are smaller than the naked eye. So wiping and vacuuming the underside ...
Russell Claybrook, MicroCare, LLC

May 4, 2022
Solder Boards Not Holding Up to Shock Testing
Failure due to Mechanical Shock (Drop Testing) or Thermal Shock (Temp Cycling) needs to be clarified. For the BGA sphere alloy; generally lower Ag = better drop performance, higher Ag = better thermal cycle performance, ...
Derek Daily, Senju

Apr 28, 2022
The Best Method for Reworking Ultra-Micro Chips
We have a couple of different methods on this YouTube channel for 01005 rework processes. ...
Bob Wettermann, BEST

Apr 28, 2022
The Best Method for Reworking Ultra-Micro Chips
You are not the only one with these questions and issues. I think Jim is correct that you should take a look at what medium wave length IR technology can do for you. I think ...
Todd DeZwarte, Kurtz Ersa Inc.