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Aug 15, 2022
Going Beyond Your Solder Paste Work Life
I concur with Mitch Holtzer (Alpha) from our experience introducing 0201 MLCC's. During the print cycle a small amount of flux bypasses the stencil thus the flux to powder ratio decreases. WRT 'our' paste you ...
Rob Hills, Tait International

Aug 8, 2022
V-Score and Depanel in One Step
You should check your mating connector specs. Card edge connectors typically have a bevel required for reliable connector insertion. V-Score depaneling can also leave a lot of stray fiber on the edge so consider whether ...
Don Adams, Bose

Aug 8, 2022
What is the Best Way to Clean Solder Stencils?
Cleaning your stencils with an automated system versus hand cleaning is always preferred for a consistent result. And as others have mentioned, hand cleaning runs the risk of damaging some of todays stencils and nano-coatings. ...
Todd Rountree, Austin American Technology

Aug 8, 2022
Was the Contamination From Silicone?
Exact problem I was having. I make custom tumblers and have been for about 4 years now. As anyone who works with epoxy knows it can be extremely finicky!!! If your a tumbler maker and ...
Jessica Lindsey, Jel Custom Designs Studio

Aug 1, 2022
Intrusive Soldering Through-Hole Connector
I don't see any mention of flux, just solder preforms. Are the preforms fluxed - and is there enough. The only flux that matters is on the preform side next to the board and walls ...
Jim Smith, Electronics Manufacturing Sciences, Inc.