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Feb 21, 2024
Big Problems with HASL Finish
HASL flux will easily remove fingerprints from either brushed or micro etched copper prior to HASL, these fluxes are based on Hydrobrominc Acid or Hydrochloric acid and have some pretty strong wetting agents incorporated. Most ...
Gregory York, BLT Circuit Services Ltd

Feb 21, 2024
Big Problems with HASL Finish
It could be any number of things, but if it's made overseas, look into the simple things first. What are they using to micro-etch the copper just prior to flux and HASL? Are they controlling ...
Bradley Fern, Entrust

Feb 8, 2024
Reflow For Rigid Flex
I just felt that it should be mentioned that IPC-1601 has been superseded by IPC-1602, Standard for Printed Board Handling and Storage. ...
Bill Belanger, Janco Electronics, Inc.

Feb 1, 2024
Issues Mixing Silicone and Acrylic Conformal Coatings
In fact there is different type of conformal coating base on silicon. Elastomeric silicone RTV1, copolymere silicone alkid(resin) or copolymere silicon acryl(resin). if it was applied first an elastomeric one, no chance to apply an ...
DOUCHY, ABchimie

Jan 26, 2024
What is the Best Way to Clean Solder Stencils?
AIM has conducted studies comparing IPA to engineered solvents designed to be compatible with AIM solder pastes. We demonstrated that IPA degraded paste performance and stencil life and a compatible solvent extended the stencil life ...
Timothy O'Neill, AIM