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Direct Immersion Gold as a Final Finish
Essential Practices for Gold Mitigation of Electronic Components
Nearshoring or Contract Manufacturing? Which Fits Your Business Model?
Solder Alloy Contribution to Robust Selective Soldering Process
The Four Roles of Inspection Data in a Smart Factory
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Dust contamination after selective soldering
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Apple Suppliers Shifting Production to Vietnam
Chip Prices: No Relief in Sight
China's heatwave closes factories that supply parts to Tesla, Intel, and Toyota
2022—The Year the Hydrogen Economy Launched?
Your next MacBook or Apple Watch could be coming from Vietnam
August 18, 2022
Reflow For Rigid Flex
Reflow For Rigid Flex
We have a new PCB assembly that includes a section of flex cable and FR4 circuit board. What are the reflow rules I need to consider? The Assembly Brothers, Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall, discuss the most important reflow guidelines in this scenario.
Board Talk
Reducing Dust Deposition on Electronic Equipment
This work focuses on one aspect of reducing dust accumulation on electronic equipment, specifically by optimizing the cooling air flow.
Production Floor
Microchips for Future Computing Security
Microchips for Future Computing Security
Microchips with tiny clocks hold the key to future computing security, a system that is resistant to attacks, and also inexpensive, convenient, and scalable.
Technology Briefing
Meeting Future Stencil Printing Challenges with Ultrafine Powder Pastes
A comparison of the transfer efficiency of solder powder particle sizes with post reflow results in optimal and harsh conditions.
Analysis Lab
Lower Temperature Solder Joint Encapsulant
Lower Temperature Solder Joint Encapsulant
The strength of solder joints is enhanced by several times, and thermal cycling performance is significantly improved.
Materials Tech
Embedded Components from Concept-To-Manufacturing
Use of embedded components has grown significantly in the defense, aerospace, telecommunications, medical and consumer markets.
Production Floor
The use of an available Color Sensor for Burn-In of LED Products
This system will monitor the intensity and colour changes of a product while it is running and alert the engineer of early failures allowing the test to terminate, and faults to be examined.
Analysis Lab
We Bake, But Still Have Delamination, Why?
We Bake, But Still Have Delamination, Why?
When our PCBs are wave soldered and then pass through reflow most had issues with delamination. Where should we look to solve this?
Board Talk
Implementation of Assembly Processes for Low-Melting Point Solder Pastes
This paper discusses the need for low-temperature solders and process-ability of solder pastes with three novel alloys against the industry standard.
Materials Tech
Portable Desalination Unit Addresses Drinking Water Shortage
Portable Desalination Unit Addresses Drinking Water Shortage
Researchers have developed a portable desalination unit that generates clean drinking water without the need for filters or high-pressure pumps.
Technology Briefing
Risk and Solution for No-Clean Flux Not Dried Under Components
In this work, a new halogen-free no-clean SnAgCu solder paste, 33-76-1, has been developed.
Production Floor
Characterization of Solder Defects in Package on Package
This paper is part of series of studies on X-Ray inspection technology to quantify solder defects in BGA balls.
Analysis Lab
Turning Wood Into Plastic
Turning Wood Into Plastic
A lab was working on an exotic dashboard concept where they needed to shape and bend wood. What was the solution?
Mysteries of Science
Printed Electronics for Medical Devices
This paper will share details about multiple medical sensing applications and the advanced materials and processes used to assemble them for optimal functionality.
Production Floor
Flying Taxis Are Almost Here
Flying Taxis Are Almost Here
Ride-hailing applications, electric propulsion technology and a new generation of avionics suddenly awakened commercial interest from companies.
Technology Briefing
How to Manage Material Outgassing in Reflow Oven
This study investigates the evaporation of chemicals during the reflow process from preheating until cooling. Different solder pastes are compared.
Analysis Lab
Status and Outlooks of Flip Chip Technology
Status and Outlooks of Flip Chip Technology
Status of flip chip technology such as wafer bumping, package substrate, flip chip assembly, and underfill is presented in this study.
Materials Tech
Jetting Fine Lines onto 2D and 3D Electronic Packages
The demand for smaller dispense doses including fine lines, small dots and accurate dispensing requires examination of available products and technologies.
Production Floor
Supplier Spotlight
IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries®
Since 1957, IPC has been guiding the electronic interconnection industry ...
Accu-Tech Laser Processing, Inc.
Accu-Tech Laser Processing is a specialists in laser machining, drilling ...
Test Research, Inc.
TRI offers the most robust product portfolio in the industry ...
Orbotech Inc.
Orbotech, a KLA company, is a leading provider of process ...
Board Talk
Reflow For Rigid Flex
We Bake, But Still Have Delamination, Why?
Problems With Starved "J" Lead Joints
Solder Paste Volume for BGA Rework
Can a CTE Mismatch Cause Reliability Problems?
Delay Before Cleaning Partial Assemblies
Issues Mixing Silicone and Acrylic Conformal Coatings
Solder Paste Transfer Efficiency - What/Why
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