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The Essential Guide to Large-Volume Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) Dispensing
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December 2, 2021
Reflow For Rigid Flex
Reflow For Rigid Flex
We have a new PCB assembly that includes a section of flex cable and FR4 circuit board. What are the reflow rules I need to consider? The Assembly Brothers, Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall, discuss the most important reflow guidelines in this scenario.
Board Talk
Risk and Solution for No-Clean Flux Not Dried Under Components
In this work, a new halogen-free no-clean SnAgCu solder paste, 33-76-1, has been developed.
Production Floor
Hacker-Proof Digital Fingerprints
Hacker-Proof Digital Fingerprints
Researchers have found a way to use chaos to create digital fingerprints for electronic devices that may be unique enough to foil sophisticated hackers.
Technology Briefing
Effect of Encapsulation Materials on Tensile Stress
In this paper FEA modeling was performed to observe stress-strain behavior of solder joints during thermal expansion for various potting materials.
Analysis Lab
The Importance of Conformal Coating Thickness and Edge Coverage
The Importance of Conformal Coating Thickness and Edge Coverage
The performance of new silicone and urethane materials, designed for coverage and thickness, is compared with an acrylic and ultra-thin material.
Materials Tech
Embedded Components from Concept-To-Manufacturing
Use of embedded components has grown significantly in the defense, aerospace, telecommunications, medical and consumer markets.
Production Floor
The Invention of CMOS Image Sensors: A Camera in Every Pocket
CMOS image sensors continue to be used in an ever increasing variety of applications. Some of these applications are useful in every day life, some are for fun.
Analysis Lab
Solder Paste Volume for BGA Rework
Solder Paste Volume for BGA Rework
Rework can never be as controlled or consistent as original assembly, should we use more paste during BGA rework to compensate for irregularities or flatness?
Board Talk
Nanomaterials Performance Advantages
Low temperature reactivity, reaction speeds, flexibility and fine pitch considerations dictate that nanomaterials be given serious consideration.
Materials Tech
Plastics That Can Be Recycled Immediately
Plastics That Can Be Recycled Immediately
A team announced the invention of a new plastic that could tackle the waste crisis head-on. It’s called polydiketoenamine, or PDK.
Technology Briefing
Reducing Dust Deposition on Electronic Equipment
This work focuses on one aspect of reducing dust accumulation on electronic equipment, specifically by optimizing the cooling air flow.
Production Floor
Microstructure and Reliability of Low AG/Bi Solder Alloys
The goal of this study was to provide a screening experiment for three alloys Bi-containing, Low (or no) Ag as alternatives to SAC305.
Analysis Lab
Polymer Thick Film That Was Thinned Out
Polymer Thick Film That Was Thinned Out
A factory is making circuits using polymer thick film. One day the ink was too thin, making it print poorly. What was causing this?
Mysteries of Science
Miniaturization with Help of Reduced Component to Component Spacing
This paper covers layout, assembly and material selections to reduce component to component spacing down to 4-5mil from today's mainstream of 6-8mil.
Production Floor
Artificial Intelligence is Making Sense of Indecipherable Data
Artificial Intelligence is Making Sense of Indecipherable Data
AI is enabling scientists to make sense of data that is indecipherable. Researchers used machine learning to determine the properties of organic molecules.
Technology Briefing
Component Density on Solder Joint Reliability Under Harsh Environment
In this study, degradation behavior of lead free solder joint was compared with mounted position and component density of vehicle engine control unit for excavator.
Analysis Lab
Screening of Lower Melting Point Pb-Free Alloys
Screening of Lower Melting Point Pb-Free Alloys
Program explores the manufacturability and reliability for Pb-free Bi-containing alloys in comparison with conventional SAC305 and SnPb assemblies.
Materials Tech
Jetting Fine Lines onto 2D and 3D Electronic Packages
The demand for smaller dispense doses including fine lines, small dots and accurate dispensing requires examination of available products and technologies.
Production Floor
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We want to build on our leading position as a ...
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Founded in 1985, SMTC Corporation is a mid-size provider of ...
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Reflow For Rigid Flex
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